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Your wellness is our top priority. If we donít make the best products available that you enjoy using and that help you look and feel great every day, we donít serve you. When you trust your wellness to LifeVantage, you have our promise that every product activates your health and meets our clean commitment. Activate Health with Nutrigenomics LifeVantage is a pioneer in using the power of nutrigenomics to design products that activate wellness for allófor you, your friends, your family, the community, the globe.* Nutrigenomics is the art and science of using synergistic blends of nutrients that can influence the activity of targeted pathways and processes within your body. These are the natural ways your body already has built in to keep you healthy. These processes may need extra support as the effects of time and daily life accumulate and cause them to slow down. Like the flip of a switch, nutrigenomics can activate these processes to restore them to an optimal state. LifeVantage products harness the power of nutrigenomics along with other nutrients necessary for optimal health. They activate or support activation of your genes, your cells, and your body, so that it functions at its best. Nutrigenomics is the future of personal health. * By activating your body to be better, LifeVantage products are a better way to a better you.* Our Clean Commitment Our commitment to you starts with safe, effective ingredients and products that are good for you and good for the planet. It starts with our definition of ďclean.Ē* Our formulas are backed by scientific research. But the best research in the world can be undone by poor quality ingredients. Thatís why the core of our nutrigenomically active products is quality. We consciously source active ingredients from reputable suppliers with high ethical and quality standards and that can show us the science and provide ingredient forms your body can use the most effectively, so you will see and feel results.* We are passionate about purity. Every ingredient in every LifeVantage product is tested for quality before itís used. A rigorous 22-point inspection screens raw materials for criteria including physical characteristics, chemical analysis, impurities, microbiology, and allergens. We will choose organic ingredients sourced from nature when itís the best option. However, some synthetic ingredients are designed to be more potent, pure, or bioavailable than their natural counterparts. They may also have a smaller environmental footprint. In those cases, we will use what works best to deliver results without compromising quality or safety.* When using animal-based ingredients, we pay special attention to obtaining them from sustainable, ethical suppliers. For example, our fish oil comes from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to indicate they meet a set of standards for sustainable fishing. We never use any ingredient with questionable safety. LifeVantage products are safe not only because of what we put in them, but also because of what we leave out.

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