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  V for Victory Cancer Support Non Profit

V for Victory

CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOCAL BUSINESSES IN ORDER TO PROVIDE RESOURCES AND SERVICES TO MEET “EVERY DAY” NEEDS OF LOCAL FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS BATTLING CANCER. But what does this look like in action? V for Victory coordinates services such as; car repairs for a local family, so that they have transportation to treatment; installing safety bars in a residence for an individual who is experiencing a loss of balance and suffered severe falls; or coordinating lawn care and home cleaning services for a family in and out of the hospital so they can focus their attention on treatments and their health. THE NEED Currently V4V receives an average of 150-200 service requests each month and our network of families we serve is growing. THE CHALLENGE One direct challenge to meeting all the requests that come through the door is the number of partnering businesses V4V has in each service industry. For example, if we receive 10 requests for cleaning services but only have 5 cleaning service partners, we are only able to complete 5 requests that month. BECOME A PARTNER - HOW WE ARE FUNDED - FAMILY SERVICES Most of our funding comes directly from individuals in the community. Every customer who eats at any V Pizza restaurant has the opportunity to make a donation to V for Victory right on their receipt. 100% of all donations go directly to our family services! Other avenues of funding include donations made from individuals or local groups. Often churches, schools, or other local organizations make a donation in honor of a local family member or friend. We also receive support through fundraising events hosted on our behalf by local business partners. V for Victory hosts one annual holiday fundraiser in December. This single fundraising event generates a significant portion of the funding that covers the services we provide in the following year and dictates how we budget our funds to ensure we serve all our families equitably. Since most of our business partners offer a 50% discounted rate, every dollar that’s donated to V4V goes twice as far! OPERATIONS Our operational overhead is low and is currently funded by our Board of Directors. Essential Booking Solutions hosts one annual summer event focused on supporting the administrative health of V for Victory to ensure that we can continue to provide services and make an impact on our community. We are currently seeking additional corporate sponsorships to support our infrastructure and administrative functions. If you are interested in providing administrative support In addition to coordinating direct services to meet everyday needs, V for Victory commits to providing one free meal a week, at any V Pizza restaurant, to every family actively in treatment for the duration of their treatment. This averages out to 450-500 free meals every month! MAKE AN IMPACT We operate on the generosity and support of individuals in our community. 100% of all donations go directly to support and services for our V for Victory families. DONATE V for Victory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, located in Jacksonville, FL, that was created to provide support to local families affected by cancer.

Phone : 904-860-8004
Mobile : 904-860-8004
Email : kweeks@vforvictory.org
WebSite : www.vforvictory.org