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I am all about helping seniors and their families navigate the world of senior living. My mission is simple: empower families with the information and support they need to make informed decisions. It's not just about finding a place for seniors; it's about finding the perfect care options that ensure they age with dignity, comfort, and a whole lot of joy. I want families to know that my service is 100% free for them. How does it work for me, you ask? Well, I get compensated by the home-care provider or senior living community that you eventually choose. I've got a team of certified local care advisors ready to dive into the specifics of your situation. These folks are like your personal guides, here to simplify the search, help you understand all the options, break down costs and services, and provide unbiased, personal, and expert guidance. It's not just about finding any senior care choice; it's about finding the best one for your loved ones. I'm here to make sure you feel supported every step of the way. Working with me, Janet Peterson, means you're not just dealing with a faceless service. I'm your professional guide, your support system through what can be a challenging experience. Let's simplify this search, understand the options, compare costs and services, and together, we'll make the best senior care choice for your loved ones.

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